Relay Module MDA2Y

Microprocessed algorithmic addressable device (with short-circuit isolator) installed as another element inside the loop.
The module is loop powered but it requires an auxiliary 30V supply power to provide the necessary energy to the devices
controlled by the relays. It supervise the voltage presence in the auxiliary supply line of 30V and in the output of the
supervised relays
The module is protected by 0,9 A resettable fuse and each output is supervised by 0,5 A.
the red Led blinking indicates communication with the control panel, the lit green LED indicates the activation of one or both relays.
It is a module with two relay outputs of independent activation (two functions), not only in their type of
application (sounder, switches or short circuit), but also in their timing and in the combination of sensors that
activate them.
In the standby state, the MDA2Y supervise both external line by means of a 33 kΩ resistance, indicating the state of open line or short circuit.
The MDA2Y is supplied rectangular heat-resistant ABS box.
The module is certified according to EN 54-18 Standard, and CE labelled according to the European Regulation of Construction Products (UE) N°305/2011.


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