1, 2, 4 channel transmitters with a new stylish design.
433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function.
Also available in versions with multiple input sequential encoding (Era FlorCE).
Absolute security: rolling code transmission makes the transmitter impossible to clone.
Ideal solution for the management of multi-user apartment block systems thanks to the unique, personal code.
Easy duplication of new transmitter close to the system by using an authorised transmitter or directly using a key on the receiver, while a LED displays the various functions.
Extremely practical: using the O-Box programming unit, the Era Flor-CE version allows whole packs of 100 devices to be programmed in a single procedure, without even opening them.

The O-Box and dedicated software applications for PC and PDA allow:
• quick, user-friendly programming of receivers and transmitters;
• management and printout of code list;
• creation of individual installation databases (useful in multi-user systems).
Optimal autonomy and low consumption.
Elegant and convenient: the Era FloR transmitter can be used as a stylish, high-tech keyring or fixed to the wall or your car’s dashboard with the handy support included in the pack.
Total compatibility: with previous Flor series receivers (universal, universal modular and with Nice or SM connector) and with the One receivers (OXI/OXIT, OX2/ OX2T and OX4T).


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