Era Photocell M

Synchronized photocells Medium, fixed or positionable, also with Nice BlueBUS technology. Available in anti-intrusion, reflective
and wireless versions.

D type device according to specification EN12453 which allows to pick-up obstacles on the optical axis between transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX). Using the fototest function it is possible to achieve class 2 safety fault according to specification EN 954-1.
Antiglare circuit which eliminates possible sunlight interference.

Fast easy installation:
the wireless technology (EPMOW) eliminates the need to wire the photocells to the control unit and provide routing and cable ducts.
The devices interface with the control unit through an ultra-compact dedicated module (IBW) which can be housed directly in the motor or the control unit if separate.
Up to 7 devices with Nice BlueBUS technology can be connected to the same IBW interface.
Thanks to the reflective technology (EPMOR), just the main photocell needs to be wired and not the reflective mirror, saving time.

Built in LED light in the EPMOR version: the optional ELMM LED light module can be installed in the EPMOR photocell to light the transit area, act as a flashing light or provide diagnostic information.

Universal system: EPMOR has a relay output for connection to any new or existing automation system.
Simplified maintenance: EPMOW photocells have a diagnostic LED which indicates possible anomalies and battery status, facilitating installation and maintenance.
Practical: 10° angle of reception. The positionable versions allow for the compensation of centering gaps up to 30°.
Resistant and vandal-proof: ABS body resistant to weather conditions, available also in burglar-resistant version with metal shell.
Nice BlueBUS technology: available with the Blue- BUS system, which allows an easy connection to the control unit of all devices with only two wires, by simply connecting them in parallel and selecting the jumpers for addressing according to the needed function. The system acquires automatically the devices connected to the BlueBus network.

Automatic synchronization between multiple photocell pairs in order to avoid other possible interferences between the devices.


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