Receivers (OXI/ OX2T/ SMXI)

Era Inti, One, Flor, NiceWay

The complete line of receivers with Opera system

functions, suitable for all installation requirements:
• with connector, compatible with latest-generation Nice control units with SM port;
• universal prewired, for use with all types of control unit, for the control of any automation, lighting or
irrigation system or other electric circuits.
Maximum flexibility: up to 1024 transmitters can be memorised.
Convenient and practical: the inclusion of a transmitter in the OXIT/OXITFM, OX2T/OX2TFM and OX4T
receivers allows radio codes to be accessed by means of the O-Box multifunction interface even when in inaccessible
OXIT/OXITFM, OX2T/OX2TFM and OX4T receivers can be used as signal repeaters to increase the operating distance between transmitters and other One series receivers.

Secure use, thanks to the 3 password-protected levels. The O-Box and dedicated software applications for PC and PDA allow:
• quick, user-friendly programming of receivers and transmitters;
• management and printout of code list;
• creation of individual installation databases (useful in multi-user systems).
SM plug-in receiver with Flor system functions, step-by-step and anti-burglar functions.
Management of multi-user system: through the unique, personal code: the recognition receivers can receive and memorise up to 255 codes.
Memorisation: a particular receiver output can be associated to each transmitter key (e.g. key 3 TX= output 1 RX).


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