Control unit for motors for 230 V swing gates. 

With Nice BlueBUS technology, compatible with the Opera system for automation management, programming and diagnostics,
including remotely. Compatible with the Opera system whose multifunction O-View display enables the system to be personalised,
modifying the opening and closing positions, staggered closing of the leafs and decelerations, diversifying the parameters such as force, speed and obstacle sensitivity for each motor.
Universal power supply: 120/230 Vac 50/60 Hz.
Microprocessor logic: the MC800 control unit combines the advantages of the Opera system with the advanced functions of the Nice systems (gradual start and deceleration, automatic memorising of both limit switch positions and pedestrian pass door function).
Intelligent: on start-up, indicator to confirm correct power supply and efficient operation of the control unit; automatic fault diagnostics and signalling via the flashing light and confirmation LEDs.

Installation couldn’t be simpler: thanks to the system BlueBUS, enabling connection of the control unit and accessories by means of just two wires.
Radio receiver: designed to take SM plug-in receivers.


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