For balanced rolling shutters up to 170 kg and 340kg.
Electromechanical gearmotor available both in reversible and irreversible version.
High performance: new irreversible twin-motor version with 800 W power and lifting force up to 340 Nm.
Unbeatably flexible use and less inventory to keep in stock: a single model that is designed to take a 76 mm rolling shutter shaft but can be easily adapted to take a 60 or 48 mm shaft, covering the full range of most commonly used sizes.
The outside diameter of the gear can be adapted from 200 mm to 220 or 240 mm, allowing installation on most rolling shutters.
Technologically innovative: the brake is built into the gearmotor and results in much smoother operation than the traditional solution.
Easy limit switch adjustment: automatic limit switch adjustment is achieved by simply operating the rolling shutter without any load, with the motor released, and then just fine-tuning the system manually.
Simple system for releasing both motors at the same time.
Recommended control unit: MC200.
QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATIONDuring installation, the motor is supported on the shaft thanks to the practical guided coupling.


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