For sectional doors* up to 20 m2.
24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor with absolute encoder.
Versatile: ideal in residential contexts with even large garage doors, in multi-user contexts including with in-tensive use and in industrial contexts with small sectional doors. For example 3x3 m loading points.
All in one: built-in control unit. No track, or rack.
Easy to install: can be fitted directly onto the shaft of a sectional door; compact, particularly in width, in order to make assembly easy in any position.
User-friendly thanks to the BlueBUS system: two-wire connection between the control unit and the pairs of photocells.
Practical: the control unit and PS124 buffer battery (optional) can be connected by means of a simple con-nector and can be housed directly inside the motor.
Energy saving: the system enters in stand-by when not in use.
Reliable and precise: memorization of limit switch positions on opening and closing; gradual starting and slowdown during closing; the abosolute encoder technology guarantees precision without the need of a limit switch, reliability and long term safeguard of the set values.
Safe: obstacle detection system and monitoring of the motor absorption during movement, self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light, courtesy LED light.The latest generation optical and resistive 8.2 KOhm sensitive edges can also be connected.
Easy maintenance: removable terminals and receiver.
Easy to certify: passes impact tests without further accessories.
Nice BiDirectional products indicate the status of the automations and confirm correct reception of the command.
Yubii is the new Nice ecosystem that con-nects all the automations in the home.


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