Spinbus(SPIN40 )

For sectional doors up to 12.5 m2 and up-and-over garage doors up to 11.8 m2
Irreversible electromechanical gear motor, for residential use, with belt drive, 24 Vdc motor, with magnetic encoder.
Complete version of the guide in 3 x1 m sections.
Rapid installation - anywhere!
The adjustable head, cord-type release and cable-controlled, step-by-step release can be fitted in any part of the garage in order to actuate the system without a remote control device and without the need to install wall-mounted control units
Inexpensive to run and environmentally-friendly:
with the connection to the mains in standby mode the control unit with radio connected consumes just 0.8 W (SPIN30) and 1.2W (SPIN40); when connected to a battery or to the Solemyo kit, consumption in standby mode is reduced to 0.036W.
User-friendly thanks to the BlueBUS system: which enables connection by means of just two wires between the control unit and pair of photocells.
Safe: obstacle detection system and automatic pro-gramming of the working times; motor absorption is monitored during movement, self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light and courtesy LED light.Adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of each manoeuvre.Can be connected with latest generation sensitive edges 8.2 KOhm.
Luminous: built-in LED courtesy light able to replace garage lighting.
Nice BiDirectional products indicate the status of the automations and confirm correct reception of the command.
Yubii is the new Nice ecosystem that con-nects all the automations in the home.


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