Tub 4000

For sliding gates weighing up to 4000 kg.
Ideal for industrial use.
Irreversible electromechanical 400 Vac gear motor with built-in D-PRO500 control unit.
Powerful: ideal for automating large industrial gates.
Functionality and safety: programmable, with electromechanical brake to eliminate gate inertia. Self-ventilated motor to increase the working cycles.
Maximum durability and silence: bronze and metal gears.
Advanced: Tub satisfies all control needs thanks to the possibility of easily and precisely managing the various functions with the O-View programmer.
Practical: the lever release enables safe and simple operation.
Nice BiDirectional products indicate the status of the automations and con-firm correct reception of the command.
Yubii is the new Nice ecosystem that connects all the automations in the home.


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