Fire Resistant Door

TiSO company presents metal and glass fire-resistant doors; fire-resistant curtains; metal fire-resistant gates and glass fireproof partitions with
fire-resistance EI 30 – EI 120. All products are manufactured at our own high – tech facility. All products meet the international quality
standards and requirements of the most European countries.

The cost effective Europe made fire doors are available from TiSO at any time.
That is proved by the fact of getting such certificates as Certificate of Conformity No. OSE –12-1017/02; Certificate of Conformity of Quality
Control System to requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008; SK certificate of constancy of performance of essential characteristics of
product according to STN EN 16034:2015 No. SK01-ZSV-0340; Certificate UL No. 20150713-R27834; Certificate DSTU ISO 9001:2009.


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